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WeddingBels is a wedding niche blog that allows you to post topics about Weddings, Decorations, Photography, Videography, Fashion, Jewellery, and Mehendi. Our blog is dedicated to sharing information that is relevant to the Fashion, Decorations, and Wedding Industry. WeddingBels lets everyone share their thoughts through Guest Posting. 

Guest Posting Guidelines for WeddingBels

These are the guidelines we expect you to follow if you want to post your thoughts on our blog.

Article Length: 

We expect you to provide a well-researched, informative article of more than 1500 words. This will not only engage the viewers but also make it easy for search engines to find the content. This is why we expect you to ensure that your article meets this first requirement. 


You should choose a topic that is relevant to our blog. Write for us a high-quality article based on our blog topics. This will make your article appear on our blog faster. You must ensure that your article is relevant to the categories we have listed. We don’t accept irrelevant topics on our blog. 


WeddingBels.com accepts blogs in the following categories. 

  • Weddings
  • Decoration
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Fashion 
  • Makeup 
  • Jewelry 

If your blogs are related, it would make a great resource for our blog. Don’t send us unrelated writeups, as they won’t be published.

External links

You can drop a link to your blog if your content is pertinent. We allow one Do-Follow link that is relevant to your blog and point at it only.

Selling stuff:

You must not promote or advertise other products or commercial websites through guest posting. This falls under the advertising section. If you’re interested in a sponsored posting opportunity, please contact us with the subject “Advertising”

Style of Article:

Your articles should be positive and persuasive. You can see examples of articles published on our blog at weddingbels.com

Listicles are also accepted. 

Write for readers

Write the posts with your own voice and personality. Be aware of your target audience and make sure the articles are engaging.

Your articles should be friendly to your readers

Readers will find it easier to read articles that are friendly. Your message will be more easily understood. Your articles should have a related heading, subheading, and key terms in bold. Use bullet points whenever you feel it is necessary.

Graphics & Video :

Visuals will grab the attention of readers. Make sure you include any relevant images, infographics, or videos in your article. The media has to be submitted separately. 

Affiliate Links Policy: 

We don’t accept any affiliate links in the content. Since it would damage our reputation. 

Plagiarism & Copyrights:

Copy-pasted content from other websites will not be published. This type of post would not be accepted by us. We will not publish your article if we find that it is plagiarized.  

How do I submit the article?

You can send us articles as a Microsoft Word Document. If you are interested in writing for us, we can receive your ideas and pitch before you submit an article. Become a contributor and reach new audience. 

Feel free to contact us at weddingbels.blog@gmail.com  

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If you follow our guidelines, we will get back to you within 2 working days.