New stylish and easy Thumb mehndi design

thumb mehndi design
thumb mehndi design

The Best Collection of Thumb Mehndi Design 

Here are the new trending thumb mehndi designs. I have collected some of the best which will make you love these. These are specially for those who want a small design on hands. Do share the image whenever you apply any of these designs. good luck. Do share it plz..

thumb mehndi design

thumb mehndi design

Henna Designs has been Followed by Years in India and now become a part of every girl and women’s life in India. Habitually, henna mostly used during the marriage and festivals in short when celebrating. Thumb Henna designs freshly got trending due to the uniqueness of the designs which look more often natural and charming. Thumb Henna is regularly similar to traditional mehndi designs but there is a difference that is in the thumb only filled with Mehndi as the name itself describes its significance. Mehndi applies only to thumb in such a way that leaves a major part of hand empty from top to the end.

Thumb Henna is for does who want a very small amount of henna appears on her hands. this is mostly loved by young girls and women who like as I said little designs on hands. in the above collection of designs do have a different type of patterns Some have flowers and other contains lines of course. but most of them are Thumb mehndi designs.
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thumb mehndi design

A Different version Thumb Henna Designs 

Take a look at these Designs which is not exactly thumbing Mehndi design but we can say it as a modified version of it it has mehndi around the thumb including hand also which is only covering the Small part of the hand. so if you want a thumb henna design which has a little more Mehndi Rather than empty Space then this design is going to be a perfect match for you.

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